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Aptoide is the fastest growing app store and distribution platform, with over 430 million users and 1 million apps. Now the third-largest Android store in the world, with offices in Portugal and China, we work with end-users as well as OEMs and telecoms. We are changing the way you play.

And pay - we built the easiest way to manage online payments using the AppCoins Wallet

Then there is Catapult, an innovative app distribution and monetization console that connects developers and alternative app stores, creating unique value for creators.

So, you wanna know Aptoide’s secret algorithm? Here it is.

Innovation - meaning, we build our own way to the future. Ambition - always go beyond. Integrity - be transparent and trustworthy. Results-driven - be strong on delivering. Collaboration - the superpower is ‘We’, not ‘I’.

These are our values. These are Aptoide’s superpowers. This IS Aptoide.

Sejarah Aptoide

Did you know?

Let me tell you about Aptoide. This is a great story that many of you may not know about. That’s because Aptoide, and Aptoide’s founders, Paulo and Álvaro, are all about creating, about building first. They believe that long before you talk the talk, you do have to diligently walk the walk.

This is why you may not yet know that Aptoide is now the third-largest Android store in the world as well as the biggest Portuguese company by number of users - over 400 million, and counting. Or that it has offices in Portugal, Singapore and China, and works with some of the top phone manufacturers and global telecoms giants.

But let’s not get ahead of the story.

History Timeline


Summer project of apt-get for recently-launched Android OS

Project is called Aptoide


Aptoide didaftarkan sebagai syarikat.


Dana tumbuh daripada Portugal Ventures

1Musers reached

Dana Siri A daripada e-usaha sama, Gobi VC dan Golden Gate

Pejabat Singapura dibuka


Pejabat Shenzhen dibuka


Penciptaan mata wang kripto AppCoins

Tawaran Siling Awal


Pelancaran konsol agihan aplikasi

Mencapai 100k transaksi pembelian dalam aplikasi setiap bulan


Usaha sama Faurecia-Aptoide untuk industri automotif


Pelancaran platform e-Skills untuk permainan berasaskan tunai

Pengenalan NFT milik pemain yang boleh dibeli dan dijual dalam permainan dan dibawa antara permainan.

430Musers reached

Strategic investment partnership with Digital Turbine

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